Monday, January 9, 2012

"(More) Little Tragedies," The Glory that is Air Sweet Air, etc.

Yeah. I mean, WOW. So Cheryl Wilgren Clyne prefers that the name of her gallery not be capitalized for whatever reason, but yeah, yeah. Screw her. Air Sweet Air Gallery in Lowertown St. Paul has easily been one of the best gallery experiences I've ever had. Sure, I've been lucky to have Cheryl as a friend for several years. But it was blind luck and circumstance that made it possible for us to finally work together on both the "Little Tragedies" opening and the "More Little Tragedies" closing reception. What her small staff has been able to accomplish under tight time constraints has been genuinely impressive, and it was all done professionally, smoothly, fairly, and with great humor and relative lightheartedness. Cheryl's little gallery deserves all of the great word-of-mouth and press it's just starting to get; I'm just really happy to have been a part of it and can't wait to see all of her incredible ideas come together. Anyway, the show is "technically" over, but it's looking like it might be extended. ALSO, Air Sweet Air has been gracious and diligent enough to set up an online store for the show. They're still working on it, so please check on it ( periodically. I'll make a big deal about it as soon as it's officially up. Air Sweet Air is taking submissions for new artists right now, too. Interested parties should contact and get on that as soon as you can. Thank you, Cheryl, and everyone who was able to make it to the shows! More info soon.

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